All photos in our Smile Gallery are real patients treated by Dr. Robert Strain or our specialists. We dare show our results like these because this is what we expect from ourselves and for our patients. You will see that dental excellence can be beautiful, mimicking or even improving on the real thing!


Laura was a photographer, model and beauty contestant. The two veneers placed on her teeth some years ago did not look natural, she did not like the overlapping front teeth or the hidden teeth on the sides of her smile. Conservative porcelain veneers gave her the smile of a beauty queen!


When many old restorations or worn teeth need replacement at the same time, a full mouth reconstruction may be the preferred service. Properly created ceramic teeth will demonstrate translucent rather than a chalky white appearance.


Porcelain veneers can add natural vitality to a smile, correct for crooked or worn teeth and brighten teeth. This service was provided for Mrs. Alabama.


This young man fractured his front tooth. He was advised to have a crown. This was unnecessary since a bonded composite can give many years of service, allowing the tooth and gum tissues to continue to develop to maturity. This case was chosen for publication in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry.


An implant and two crowns surrounded by tissue colored porcelain provided an excellent replacement for two missing teeth and substantial bone loss on this young lady.


Economical veneers can be created in composite in a single session. The result was a dramatic change in this patient's smile and self confidence.


Unattractive crowns and bridges have been replaced with beautiful E-Max Porcelain.

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